Cool and Custom: ScreenEze® Outdoor Solutions for Kentucky Summers

April 30, 2024

When summer rolls around in Kentucky, the heat and humidity can feel relentless. But that doesn’t mean you have to stay cooped up indoors! At [Your Outdoor Store’s Name], we believe in transforming outdoor spaces into cool and comfortable retreats, perfectly tailored for Kentucky’s unique climate. Enter ScreenEze®—your ultimate solution for creating customized, cool outdoor environments that beat the summer heat.

Shaded Screened Porches:Versatility Redefined

One of the standout features of ScreenEze® is its remarkable versatility. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your porch, patio, or entire outdoor area, ScreenEze® offers endless possibilities. Imagine lounging in a shaded, bug-free screened porch, enjoying the gentle breeze while sipping on a refreshing drink. ScreenEze® allows you to design and customize your outdoor space to suit your lifestyle and needs, all while keeping you cool and protected from the elements.


Unique Design Solutions

Combatting Kentucky’s summer heat requires innovative design solutions, and ScreenEze® delivers. Here are a few unique ways to incorporate ScreenEze® into your outdoor designs:

Shaded Screened Porches:

Create a shaded oasis by combining ScreenEze® with strategic shading elements like pergolas or awnings. This setup not only keeps you cool but also enhances privacy and comfort.

Open-Air Screened Patios:

Opt for a partial screening solution with ScreenEze® to maintain an open-air feel while still enjoying bug protection. This is ideal for maximizing airflow and natural light during hot summer days.

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Screened-in Pool Areas:

Keep insects out of your poolside lounging space with ScreenEze® enclosures. You’ll stay cool while taking a dip, knowing bugs won’t be crashing your pool party.

Customizable Outdoor Rooms:

Use ScreenEze® to create dedicated outdoor rooms like kitchens, dining areas, or relaxation zones. Customize the design to match your outdoor lifestyle and entertainment preferences.



Ready to beat the Kentucky heat with ScreenEze®? Visit The Outdoorstore in Louisville to explore our range of ScreenEze® products and start planning your customized outdoor oasis. Our team of experts is here to assist you in selecting the perfect ScreenEze® solution for your outdoor space, ensuring you stay cool, comfortable, and bug-free throughout the summer season.

Don’t let the heat keep you indoors—embrace the outdoors with ScreenEze® and make this summer your coolest one yet!



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David McClain
David McClain

Left us a 5 star review

David McClain
October 27, 2022

The personnel at the outdoor store were very helpful in helping us decide to get the flooring for our outside deck and railing also very professional.Excellent materials and service

Charles Scott
September 22, 2022

They just completed our covered deck yesterday and we could not be happier with the finished product. It is more beautiful that we had envisioned. The crews that came were professional, friendly, did excellent work, and cleaned up each day before they left. The quality of craftsmanship it just outstanding!!!!

G Rudolph
March 26, 2024

Good prices, People that know thier products.

Randy Wilson
April 4, 2023

Easy to work with, fair pricing and quality work.

Christie DeHaan
June 13, 2023

Had a great experience going to The Outdoor Store!! The way everything is displayed really helped me pick out exactly which type of decking and lights I wanted. The staff there was super helpful and friendly. Highly recommend checking them out!

James Whitlow
February 27, 2023

I am installing a accent wall in my home & had ordered the material over a month ago from another local supplier & sadly the order was not delivered. I found out about the Outdoor Store in Crestwood & they told me they could get me the same product for the same price. Jon processed the order & a week later I had my material in hand. Can't beat that. Outstanding customer service.

Randall Milburn
October 31, 2022

Very informative and helpful.

Christopher Miller
October 30, 2022

Good honest and productive conversations concerning our deck with John and Craig. they were very helpful with our product selection!

Anthony Terry
April 19, 2023

The Outdoor Store is great customer service quality products they even come out to the customers house in make sure the product is good for the customer and they are satisfied. They are quick about getting the material to your residents. They very professional about there products and knowledgeable about them as well.

Ryan Lindeman
March 15, 2023

After several comparisons for deck, rail, and screen needs, this is the place that rose to the top. And they delivered! Quality product, quality installation, and good pricing. But most of all, the communication, follow-up, and customer service were exceptional. They know their stuff.

Robert Boyd
May 26, 2023

I've been getting the best deals and service on composite decking ,speak to John for assistance with your decking and railing. Great customer service.

Tracey Nettles
June 3, 2023

My deck was rotting so it was a tear down and rebuild. It turned out fabulous. My favorite part of this house is the outdoor space. All maintenance free and it’s beautiful. I was able to find planters and ways to hang hummingbird feeders that worked on the deck. It’s so beautiful. They were punctual and cleaned up the areas after they worked on it.