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Simpson Strong-Tie

Structural connectors, and fasteners.

Composite Decking, Outdoor Lighting, Deck Railing, and More!

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Building a Deck Just Got Easier

Simpson Strong-Tie’s mission is to provide innovative, high-quality structural solutions that enhance the strength and safety of the built environment while fostering strong relationships with our customers and partners.

Using Simpson Strong-Tie products on your deck project offers numerous benefits. These structural connectors and fasteners are engineered for reliability, providing enhanced safety and peace of mind for your outdoor space. They ensure a sturdy and long-lasting deck, reducing the risk of structural issues over time.

Additionally, Simpson Strong-Tie’s wide range of products accommodates various deck designs and materials, making it easier to customize your project. Their commitment to innovation and quality means you can trust their solutions for a durable and secure deck that will withstand the test of time and the elements.